Duck Prosciutto – Part II

Cured at Last

The scales of justice have spoken. The duck breasts have been weighed and found ready (the 30% loss of weight means they’re ready). It took an extra four days for the duck to cure but the wait has been worth it.

We had a few issues with the process. The main issue was finding an area in our house that fit the necessary temperature range of 8-15 degrees. Our garage fit the bill until a cold spell dropped the inside temperature to -3 so we had to move the breasts inside to the basement. The other problem was the humidity. The ducks need 60% humidity to properly cure but living in a freezing desert it gets difficult to maintain that level without a proper curing setup.

In spite of these issues the duck was good. We gave it a rating of 7 out of 10 which is pretty good for a first time. The prosciutto was buttery and salty with a pleasant duck finish. This will be great on pizza with rocket or the charcutepalooza recommended prosciutto, tomato and lettuce sandwich.

We are going to try again but next time with magret duck breasts (ducks that have been raised for foie gras so they are bigger and thicker) and maybe a in a proper cure chamber if Jeanne let’s me put another fridge in the garage.

This is the finale of the first challenge for Charcutepalooza – The Year of Meat. The next challenge will be posted tomorrow.

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