Bacon Jam and Bacon Marmalade



What the…?

Bacon what?

That was Jeanne’s and my response to seeing bacon jam on the menu at the Niagara Street Cafe in Toronto.This had to be tried because as everyone knows, more bacon equals more better! The bacon jam was being served as a sauce on roast Kurobota pork loin that evening. Amazing does not even begin to describe the smokey, rich yet sweet flavour that explodes in your mouth when you taste this jam.

Actually jam is a bit of a misnomer, this concoction is probably better described as a bacon marmalade, with chunks of house cured bacon intermingled with carmelized onions in a citrusy? suspension. The Niagara Street Cafe uses this dish as an ingredient in brunch dishes, appetizers, main dishes and of course in desserts. Nick Lui, the chef at Niagara Street even won a Toronto preserve competition with his jam back in October.

At the end of dinner my wife asked Anton Potvin (the owner and a friend) if we could beg, borrow or steal some of this fantastic jam to take home to Calgary with us. He passed us on to Chef Nick and after some serious begging and cajoling he sent us home with a jar.

The meal by the way was absolutely amazing! If you are ever in Toronto make sure you give it a try. (Make reservations as they are really busy) Here are links to some reviews if you want a second opinion.

Toronto Life


National Post

Toronto Star

The jar is now sadly empty. We gave tastes to any of our foodie friend and family that have dropped by our home and also used it as a glaze on a wild boar loin that we cooked for Jeanne’s parents. So…now we have to make some since we will not be in Toronto for a while. This will be the project for the weekend.

After doing some research online I was able to find a number of recipes for bacon jam or bacon marmalade that are all a common theme:

Justin Keith’s Bacon Marmalade Recipe

Not Quite Nigella’s Bacon Jam Recipe

Jeroxie’s Bacon Jam Recipe

 These are all a bit different than the jam from Niagara Street Cafe but we will give them a shot. Hey! They’re made of bacon too, so have to be good. We will try to recreate the bacon jam from Toronto but it will take some trial and error. So stay tuned and we will let you know on Sunday.

* Jam image courtesy of Darren Robertson

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