Wine Auction First Timer

I am now addicted to Wine Auctions!

I always enjoyed the excitement of a live auction but when combined with my love of wine, this auction was an adrenaline rush.

The auction was billed as Calgary’s first single cellar auction and with over 500 bottles mostly from France and Italy. Featuring many famous Bordeaux wineries such as Chateau Margaux, Haut-Brion, Petrus, Lafite and Mouton Rothschild.

Belle of the Ball

What interested me were the many Brunellos and Super Tuscans including some large format bottles. My thought was there would be some bargains there since (I hoped that) many collectors would be there for the high profile french wines.

I researched the auction catalogue on which lists current retail and auction prices for most vintages as well as ratings from most major wine publications. With a few hours work I was able to identify some possible targets.

In order to stretch the budget and win a selection of wines, I enlisted a few friends who agreed to share any purchases made that night. (within reason!)

The night unfolded according to plan with people bidding up the high profile wines but leaving quite a few bargains. We bid on about 20 different lots and were successful on 4.

At the end of the night we ended up with:

  1. Magnum of 2000 Taylor Fladgate port
  2. 3 Litre bottle of 1998 Castello Banfi Summus
  3. 6 Bottles of 1997 Coldisole Brunello
  4. 8 Bottles of 1997 Altesino Borgo D’Altesi


What a haul! But of course we split our purchases 3-4 ways so it didn’t hurt the wallet too badly.

 The port will have to cellar for at least a few more years but everything else is ready to drink. The plan is that we are going to plan a dinner around the jereboam of Summus first, so we will review it soon.

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